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Gallery Revisited

ARTpage Press Release

Gallery Revisited Presents: “Lyrics & Dialogue” #1, featuring ARTpage

Curated by Paige Wery
art, short stories, conceptual written word, noise theory & art criticism  +  a short film DVD.

100 numbered editions: $20 each
Artists will be on hand at the reception to sign your copy of the zine.

Zine Launch & Reception for the artists: June 3, Saturday.  6pm - 10 pm. Ends July 8.


Coinciding Exhibit in the Gallery
Featuring art & installation of contributors to the Zine  + Live-Action Silkscreening.

Each live silkscreen will involve the viewer in selecting design and color, be very affordable & ready to take home on reception night. Silkscreening By James Luna & Nicole S.

Gallery Revisited stands by ARTpage because the Zine itself acts as a portable gallery.

Much like a show catalog, viewers can carry it with them to read at any convenient time, in any comfortable place.

The theme “Lyrics & Dialogue” is the 3rd in the curation series topics the gallery is pursuing this year. ARTpage is befitting to the premise because it sustains a literal & figurative interpretation of Art Dialogue & Musical Lyrics (or lack thereof).

Artists Information:
Paige Wery is the curator of ARTpage & the coinciding exhibit. A propelled self-promoter & art enthusiast, Paige Wery is best known for her impasto-laden mixed media paintings ripe with color and art history innuendo. Her recent paintings involve strange dream-like animals enjoying themselves in the sky or in other-worldly places. Her collection of ARTpage participants is eclectic & noteworthy. Paige studied painting in San Francisco at the California College of Arts & Crafts. She has been exhibiting with Gallery Revisited since 2003.

Cathy Stone & David E. Stone are noted for their critical thinking & conceptual art as well as for the compelling exhibitions that are held at their own gallery, “Another Year in LA”. David E. Stone received his BA in 1975, & since that time has participated in public art programs, art panel discussions, conceptual performance & film screenings including The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Numerous solo exhibitions & countless group exhibits include those at Pierogi Gallery New York and The Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Cathy Stone is the co-curator for Another Year in LA, in addition to being an artist herself. Cathy Stone received her MFA in 1987 from UC Davis. She has numerous solo exhibits, including Pierogi Gallery New York & the Crocker Art Museum. She has participated in countless group exhibitions throughout the United States & including Germany & Vienna. Cathy Stone is known for her tar sculptures, large scale black drawings on paper & for her use of neon. David E. Stone created a conceptual piece just for ARTpage, while Cathy Stone is showing two of her latest drawings.

BuffMonster is best known for his art on the street – most noted are mounded shapes adorned with nipples & puffy caricatures with X’s for eyes, inspired by ice cream, heavy metal & porn. Pink is the decidedly favored color of the artist representing girls & sweet treats. In addition to his covert public works he has been shown throughout Los Angeles & New York at numerous galleries.  ARTpage will include a coveted treat from the Monster.

Todd Squires has work owned by the Getty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Raymond Pettibon amongst others. This still-emerging artist will be showing an image of his mixed media work as well as two photographs.

Dr. Brandon R. Brown received his PhD in Solid State Physics. He is a published writer for Nature, The Journal of Exp. Biology & more. He has appeared on noted media programs for NPR, the BBC & the New York Times. He is currently the Dean of Sciences & Associate Professor of Physics at the University of San Francisco. His contribution to ARTpage is a piece on noise theory & for the exhibition he created a corresponding short movie on noise.

Nicole S. is best known as a local fashionista whose unique one-of-a-kind clothing has been seen on the likes of Britney Spears, Cheryl Crow and the TV show Six Feet Under.   For the opening reception she will be showcasing her mixed media art alongside a live silkscreening workshop with James Luna, noted LA glam rocker in the band Jet Fuel.
Each live silkscreen will involve the viewer in their selection of design and color, be very affordable & ready to take home the same night.


Other Participating Artists include a motley gang of Los Angeles icons, scene-sters, personalities, fashion gurus & art professionals:

Steve Cioffi - after studying cinema at University of Bridgeport, Steve has gone on to produce art videos that have been shown at Venice Biennale, Whitney and MoMA NY.

Parris Patton – an award winning film maker and recently known for his rough-hewn art installations.

Steven Brooks - gallery-going fixture showcasing paperdoll fiction.

Tony Malone - one on the fringe of L.A. 80's punk rock royalty in Weirdos and Detox.

Angel Terrazas - studied creative writing at SFSU and currently writes for Osrich Ink.

Brian Mc Donald - an artist living in San Francisco who has sold his work to collectors around the world.

Dan Janisch - a fixture on the LA music scene since his teens:  Dan is currently recording a new album and plays regularly at the Cinema Bar in Culver City.

Jason Lynn has poems and art in over 40 journals including Lungfull, Canary and Fence. Maureen Fisher  -  Graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1995 where she studied English and Psychology.  She went on to pursue her Masters at University of San Francisco in Counseling Psychology.

Gallery Revisited welcomes you to call in advance to purchase your numbered copy of ARTpage FOR ONLY $20…before they sell out & you lose out.