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Gallery Revisited

“Small is Large” #1
Small things that tell a larger story.

danielle b. ashton 
“Seasonal Cocoons” - mixed media sculpture & “daniellians” - porcelain sculpture

Sam Gezari
“References” - photography installation

Reception for the artists:
Saturday    April 29th    6pm – 10pm
Show continues until May 27

In this exhibit we will be showcasing works of tiny diameter & dimension, which together form a larger understanding. The works are installed to create an environment or a relationship with each other within the space.  Although conceptually they will feel very formal once installed & each artist tells one entire story as the title premise describes, viewers are encouraged to purchase individual pieces from the exhibit.** The overall synergy is that of time passages and solidified moments.

Sam Gezari showed with us in August 2005, for which his work was recognized by David Pagel & Artweek. danielle b. ashton showed with us in October 2005 & her work is under consideration for a LACMA acquisition.

Sam Gezari’s newest compiled body of work, “References” is an installation of transcontinental journey documentation. The photos are 4”x 5” printed on metallic paper & mounted behind matte plexi-glass. The result is tiny luminous gems that allow us to formulate collective perceptions about the images. These collective perceptions are tiny mirrors of the unconscious that influence our cultural identity without reference to anything in particular, because they are at once anywhere & everywhere. Yet as they are recognizable; subway, Trans Am, Greyhound bus, a seagull, the back seat of a car with a painting inside, a coiled hose on the floor - they tell a larger story of fast fragments, almost like a dream of scattered memories, of linked narratives in a transitory experience.

danielle b. ashton’s new work is a series of photo-mounted panels that incorporate sculpture. The photo pieces are approximately 8” wide x 3” in height with attached approximately 4” sculpture in the shape of cocoons & additional single cocoons suspended within the gallery space. Ashton’s work evolves around the notion of conscious movement and the encouragement for people to be aware of all aspects of life, the day-to-day routines that are sometimes perceived as small, but as a whole are quite monumental. These concepts are solidified by the use of found objects & every-day things, such as cat hair, a sock with holes, glue – all made into “Seasonal Cocoons” that represent the larger story of hibernation. The intrinsic intimacy of her work in scale & execution mark time with delicacy & reflection. In addition we will be showcasing “daniellians” – beautifully carved porcelain sculpture that further emphasizes life’s travels.

“Small is Large” #1 is the second in a series of 3 curatorial concepts that Gallery Revisited is pursuing for its 2006 calendar year.  Gallery Revisited is dedicated to accessible exhibitions with content.

**In all there are some 80 pieces in the installation ranging in price from $150 – under $400. Entire or fragments of the installations may be commissioned.